Damian Leporis | Sunday 16 December 2018 16:35 | Cykler Mountain bike

Apache Heavy Tools Hammer H1 2013

This bike was stolen on the 15th December from Løkkegade 18 Aalborg.
It is black, with thick white sign HEAVY TOOLS and several red signs. The wheels are wider than what you normally see in Danmark.
The Bike has 2 plastic mud shields, an old cargo carrier in the back, metal bell, zip tie next to the bell, red light under the seat, 3 gears in front and 9 in the back. One of the pedals is a bit damaged after my accident in August. It has 2 hydraulic disc brakes Shimano, the back brake was not working, while writing this.
K21119213 is not a whole reg. number, I have only one low-quality photo of it on my old phone. There is probably one more letter before K.

Dusør 400,-

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Adresse Løkkegade 18
Zipcode 9000
By Aalborg
Hvornår Saturday 15 December 2018 00:00
Stolen from the bike stand in the backyard Løkkegade 18, Aalborg. Could be in a park or next to Jomfru Anne Gade, if a drunk person stole it. Or somebody can be selling it in a second-hand bike shop, on DBA, or Facebook.

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